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Covid 19 information - Entry requirement


YES YOU CAN. From April 6, 2021, all travelers are welcome to visit Iceland if they can show either:

Certificate of full vaccination against COVID (read more)


Certificate of previous COVID infection (read more)


Iceland is welcoming vaccinated visitors from outside the Schengen zone, but further travel from Iceland to the rest of Europe is currently not permitted for non-Schengen residents.

Do you need a PCR test? No. If you hold an appropriate certificate, you do not need to have a PCR test to board your flight to Iceland.

Arrival testing and quarantine?  If you hold an appropriate certificate, you are required to undergo one COVID-19 test upon arrival. The test is free of charge. You must wait for the result of this test (usually received within 5-6 hours but may take up to 24 hours) at your accommodation. You do not need to quarantine for 5-6 days and take a second test. Note: this testing requirement is temporary and will be reviewed by May 1.

Travelers not vaccinated against COVID-19 and not previously infected

All visitors holding a passport (or valid residency) from EU/EFTA countries are welcome to visit Iceland. There are restrictions for other nationalities, including travelers from the UK, US and Canada

You require a negative PCR test before boarding an aircraft to Iceland, taken within 72 hours of departure. Travelers must undergo double screening and 5-6 days quarantine between tests. People can quarantine at their home or at suitable accommodation if certain requirements are fulfilled.

Cancellation due to Covid 19

You will get full refund in case your flight to Iceland is cancelled or if your test will be positive. You have of course an alternative to reschedule your tour to another date. Please note that you must contact us in due time before the scheduled tour in order to get refund.

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