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Geothermal Tour, Reykjanes peninsula

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Our standard setup for this trip is usually 5 to 7 hours. We can bespoke this tour which may take from 3 hours and up to 6 hours based on your available time, and preferences.

Keflavik International airport is situated on the southwest part of the Reykjanes peninsula. Still, most of visitors drive straight to the city without experiencing the beautiful magic scenery of the youngest part of Iceland. This is very interesting place seen from a geological point.  The landscape is rough and a bit alien looking.  Not much grass, but mostly lava field covered with moss.  In fact, everywhere you look, no matter in what direction, lava fields stretch to the horizon.  What we will find here are lot of high temperature geothermal activity, fissures, lava cracks, tectonic faults, volcanic craters, bubbling geysers, geothermal mud pools, lava fields, caves, etc

The Peninsula is perhaps one of the most underrated places in Iceland.  Since November 2015, this area at Reykjanes Peninsula is known as UNESCO Global Geopark 829 km2. The most famous attraction in this area is the Blue Lagoon. But in the year 2021 the volcanic eruption on the peninsula took over that role (not far away from the Blue Lagoon)

A visit to the “High temperature” Geothermal areas, you will find the famous hot spring “Gunnuhver”. Not far away we have a beautiful old lighthouse built in the year 1907. Only few hundred meters toward the coast we have Valahnúkur mountain which was formed in a volcanic eruption. Interesting geological formation having both Pillow lava, Breccia and Tuff.

High geothermal areas have several characters.  Fumaroles are common on the peninsula, and they sometimes erupt with blue grey clay splatters. The main features are diversity on colors. The clay gives a brown and white color, the Sulphur has a beautiful yellow texture, and the copper amalgamation are blue green.

The high temperature geothermal energy resources is harvested in the peninsula both by producing electricity around 175 MW and for district heating of all houses on the peninsula.  Interesting development which started in the eighties utilizing the renewable and environment friendly energy.

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