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Reykjavik is the country capital with inhabitants of around 230.000 people if you count all the municipality around the main city.  The Viking Ingólfur Arnarson was the first settler in Reykjavik, and in whole Iceland in the year 874.  It was not until the year 1785 that the city got its status as a trading town, with urban planning. Until that time not many people lived in the city.

The city is among the cleanest, greenest, and safest city in the world.  We can tailor make your Reykjavik tour based on your interest

Whether you like to walk on foot or not, we will walk with you or drive you, and a combination of both of course. Whether you are artist lover and like to see museums or simply walk around the old city we will guide you in the way you prefer on foot, or in driving around in a car.  There are many interesting places to see.   The most popular one is the big Church of Hallgrímur, and then it is worth visiting the sculpture museum of Asmundur Sveinson and Einar Jónsson, and the Reykjavík Art Museum. The city pond with the bird life and with its city hall which was built into the pond in 1992. If you fancy to bath or swim in one of the many geothermal swimming pools, then that is a very good option but then we must add time into the program.  The pearl is a popular destination with its great view over the city, not to mention the interesting museums and restaurants inside the building with is constructed on five big geothermal tanks.

If you have limited time, and not able to travel outside Reykjavik, then we recommend including in the program a visit to “Fly over” Iceland which is a simulation tour in a helicopter over some beautiful natural wonders of Iceland.

Some like to take whale watching tour, which we can include in the program if preferred.  Contact us and tell us about your interest and preferences, and we will send you a proposal.

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